At KPMG, we wish to support our employees in all life stages - and therefore, we offer several initiatives for those of our employees who choose to study to become a state-authorised public accountant. Acquiring this title is known as a long and demanding journey which ends with a final exam at Børsen. For many it is also a process where it can be hard to find time for studying while at the same time also balancing work and everyday life.  

We would like to remedy this by, among other things, giving our employees days off to study for their exams. It should be possible to take one of Denmark's most difficult exams without having to give up on free time or family.

The 2-year programme includes:

Employees get every second Fridays off for teaching sessions.

Joint exam training every other Friday.

20 study days which can be used at free disposal.

Furthermore, the academy also includes social gatherings and additional exam training throughout the period.

We will also ensure that the learning continues, even after our employees have received their new title. After the final exam, we will have courses in personal development, presentation techniques and other relevant topics.