What do we work with in Interim Services?

The Interim Services team focuses on providing support to our clients' financial departments. Our clients have all sizes and are both local and global. 

We help our clients by filling in the role of a chief accountant, financial controller, finance manager or business partner. We also assist them with bookkeeping and reporting or provide Excel and modelling professionals for them, and the projects we work with can be on a short-term or long-term basis. We provide assistance during busy periods or in case our clients need an extra pair of hands on their financial projects to ensure their finance functions remain uncompromised and operational. 

In addition, we do not only fill specific roles at our clients but also manage projects within their finance functions. The projects vary from implementing a new ERP system and optimising business processes or internal controls to assisting them in outsourcing their finance function. 

We become a core part of the client's team as we integrate ourselves into their business operations on equal terms with their permanent employees. We take ownership of the roles and tasks assigned to us, and strive to deliver the same level of commitment, dedication, and expertise as they can expect from their own internal colleagues. 

It’s super awesome to work in Interim Services because it is the most fantastic team and every day presents you with a new challenge. I chose to work here because you get to work with different people, systems and tasks every day. You never know what tomorrow will bring, it keeps you on your toes and is never boring.

Mette Holm
Senior Manager in Interim Services