The Transformation and Sustainability team advises both public and private clients within areas such as change management, energy transition and infrastructure. We are driven by integrity and help our clients with solutions that leave a positive impact on both society and the environment.

We have three areas of expertise within Transformation & Sustainability Advisory: Infrastructure & Government, Energy & Green Transition and Organisation & Adoption. You can read more about each area by scrolling down the page.

Infrastructure & Government

As the name implies, the Infrastructure and Government team works almost exclusively with public sector and infrastructure clients. We advise public institutions on their policy analysis, digitisation and automation of processes, project management, business case development, quality assurance and much more.

Our skilled team of young professionals is united by the expertise in infrastructure and the public sector. They make an impact on people's everyday life by improving the public sector and creating a better Denmark for all.

The opportunity to tackle important societal issues and offer solutions for public sector clients gives me a sense of purpose and fulfilment in my work. I take pride in knowing that my work has real-world impact. From day one, I have been given the chance to take on challenging responsibilities and the collaborative team environment provides great opportunities for professional growth. The positive and enjoyable work atmosphere always makes it a pleasure coming to work.

Malte Lyshøj Hansen
Consultant in Infrastructure & Government
Transformation & Sustainability Advisory

Energy & Green Transition

The Energy & Green Transition team enables the green transition for our clients both in Denmark and globally. From conducting impactful commercial analyses to providing invaluable business development advisory, we shape the future of green innovation.  We work with the latest renewable energy trends in Power-to-X, energy islands, hydrogen, carbon capture storage and utilisation, offshore wind, biogas and much more.

The Energy team is growing fast due to the global importance and focus from national and international policy makers. Even though we have very diverse backgrounds, we all have a passion for energy and the green transition.

Organisation & Adoption

The focus point of the Organisation and Adoption team is on change management, organisational strategy and how to best utilise HR technology. Some of us work on the implementation of ERP systems for large organisations where we ensure that employees are on board, understand why the change is taking place and have received proper training to navigate through it. Others work on a cultural review for a company that just went through a merger and might experience challenges with integration. In the background, we focus on operational tasks such as HR health checks, HRIS selections or key performance indicators for our clients. 

What is great about working in Organisation and Adoption is that we find ourselves in meetings with senior leadership to present their new organisational strategy but also putting on safety shoes to meet factory workers and identify their views on challenges and potentials. It is insightful to work with employees on multiple levels and uncover challenges our clients face. In Organisation and Adoption, we are always ready to roll-up our sleeves and prepare an all-day workshop to help a company’s employees with understanding new systems or set up a communication strategy for a project rollout. We are not only about PowerPoints – our presence and understanding of the client is at the heart of what we do and what makes our job so meaningful. Not only do we work hard on projects, but we also make sure to crack a joke in between meetings or stretch our legs for coffee walks, hoping we find a snack somewhere in the office.

The best thing about working in Organisation and Adoption is that we have each other's back. We brainstorm together, help each other with client tasks to make sure our delivery quality is second to none. We are always pushing each other to be our best selves and there is a culture of complete support that makes coming to work a joy every day.

Josefine Roikjer
Manager in Organisation & Adoption
Transformation & Sustainability Advisory

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