What do we work with in Digital Innovation and Analytics?

The Digital Innovation and Analytics team leverages data analytics to enhance the audit process. We are proficient in a variety of programming languages and tools, with a special focus on Python. We implement innovative solutions for our clients by using technologies like JavaScript, SQL and others. Our projects are very diverse and range from process mining to revenue-to-cash and journal entry analyses. We also help the auditors to perform their tasks more efficiently by creating workflows to automate the reconciliation of the trial balance, bank statements and more.

We use Power BI to create dynamic and visually appealing data to communicate our insights effectively to our clients. Our team is also experienced in designing complex algorithms and building machine learning models that streamline audit processes and improve workflow efficiency.

In the Digital Innovation and Analytics team, we focus a lot on continuously improving the work we deliver to our clients. We strive to deliver innovative solutions that set us apart from our competitors. Our core focus is on leveraging data analytics to drive impactful outcomes and provide exceptional value to our clients.

I love to be part of the Digital Innovation and Analytics team and impact people’s work in a positive way. We automate tasks to become more efficient, limit the number of possible mistakes and make sure that we can easily follow up on a wide range of issues. It is very rewarding to see people having an easier time to complete their tasks.

Adrian Profir
Manager in Digital Innovation and Analytics

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