Tax functions must keep up with business and finance transformation while managing their tax compliance efficiently and effectively.

Tax functions must keep up with business and finance transformation while managing...

Efficient and effective delivery models

In their drive for efficiency and cost savings, companies that are reviewing and transforming their finance functions and tax functions need to keep pace with the variety of ongoing changes.

As businesses move toward centralization, centers of excellence and
shared service centers, tax and statutory responsibilities should not be
overlooked. Increasing compliance requirements, aggressive tax audits and
reputational and financial risk are just some of the potential pitfalls faced
as a new sourcing-led finance strategy is implemented. 

 KPMG’s Tax Management Consulting team can help you:

  1. Actively contribute to finance transformation projects to help ensure that tax requirements are built in and that tax is seen as an enabler.
  2. Assess your sourcing options to determine how you can manage your tax and statutory obligations in ways that are efficient and effective for all taxes.
  3. Streamline, standardize and automate processes, applying Lean Six Sigma methodology to deliver increased efficiency, better management of risks and potentially cost savings.
  4. Understand your real cost of compliance and build a business case for change to help ensure you are getting a sound return on your investment.
  5. Manage country compliance obligations through our dedicated Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS) network operating within a centrally managed and coordinated compliance framework.
  6. Gain visibility and control of your local requirements, enabled by our KPMG LINK 360 technology and project management specialists, to aid risk management.
  7. Manage all aspects of tax reporting, from preparing reported numbers and improving processes to technical and GAAP conversion.
  8. Proactively manage, through our dedicated Dispute Resolution and Controversy Services network, your relationships with tax authorities and support you in resolving tax disputes to give you greater certainty over your tax position.
  9. Gather and analyze data required for country-by-country reporting or voluntary reporting.

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