Government and Tax Incentives

Government and Tax Incentives

KPMG's R&D Incentives practice has a coordinated network of experienced R&D professionals in KPMG member firms around the world.

R&D Incentives has a network of R&D professionals in member firms around the world.

Incentivising investment strategies

In a highly competitive global economy, incentive support to local and foreign investment is paramount for achieving business and economic growth.

While the South African government offers various incentives, the challenge lies in determining the requirements to obtain approval for those incentives. In addition, the majority of incentives require that an application is submitted before any costs for a project are incurred, or even before any purchase orders are placed. There may be incentives available which you haven’t even thought of, or an alternative to the incentive you are considering which is more beneficial to you.

KPMG’s dedicated incentives team specialises in assisting client to access government grants and tax incentives, spanning a multitude of industries. Our experience and training give us the unique capability to fully understand your projects, guide and support you through the regulatory processes, and maximise your incentive benefits. We will also be able to save you time by telling you upfront whether you will qualify for an incentive programme before submitting an application.

In addition to our team’s strong knowledge of South Africa’s incentives regime, as a member of KPMG’s global incentives practice, we are well placed to explore benefits wherever you do business.


South African government and tax incentive brochure

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