Consulting Intern, Financial Management - Financial Data Analytics

Office location: Ho Chi Minh City


As part of the Financial Management – Financial Data Analytics team, you will be providing specialized consulting services in financial modelling and data visualization, including solution design, development, and implementation, to clients across different industries.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Collect data from client, transform and extract valuable information for ongoing projects / engagements.
  • Join the interview with clients and prepare meeting minutes to get a full understanding of their current financial management and control status.
  • Conduct compulsory internal administration works, commit to proposed timeline to manage multiple client’s projects.
  • Follow the line manager’s guidance to do translation and research from professional sources, step by step improve and enhance the quality of deliverables provided to clients.
  • Other tasks assigned by line manager.

You will have the opportunity to get in-depth exposure to emerging methodologies and programming languages through hands-on client projects, e-learnings, certifications, live bootcamps and global analytics conferences.


  • Bachelor's degree or above, preferably in quantitative field like computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, or finance (especially quantitative finance).
  • MS Office skills, preferably in MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.
  • Having knowledge and experience in financial management position is a plus.
  • Programming in Python or R is a plus.
  • Data visualization skills in Power BI or other BI tools is a plus.
  • Strong analytical mindset and solid problem-solving skills, including the ability to disaggregate issues, identify root causes and recommend solutions.
  • A motivated and committed person.
  • Strong time management and coordination skills.
  • Client service-oriented and accustomed to taking a proactive approach.

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