Tax Agent Services for Foreign Institutional Investors (FINIs)

The Taiwan government is dedicated to promoting an efficient and globalized stock market with enhanced alignment with international standards. Officials have simplified the application procedures by loosening the qualifications for FINIs and the limitation on FINIs’ investment quotas to further boost internationalization and free trade.

KPMG Taiwan has been a pioneer in, and primary service provider of, FINI tax services. Based on the “Regulations Governing Securities Investments by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Investors”, we act as the Tax Agent of the FINI and facilitate its local tax compliance, including but not limited to earnings repatriation. We also provide a tax treaty consultation and application service that helps our clients in maximizing the profit from investment by minimizing the tax burden in Taiwan.

For many years, KPMG Taiwan has been recognized by leading investors worldwide for our high service quality and distinctive‘one-stop shop’ services. If you are considering a well-rounded tax service for your FINI, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide the following services

  • Tax Agent service for the FINIs.
  • Tax Agent service for the China’s Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDIIs)
  • Tax Advisory service for the FINIs and QDIIs, tax compliance services for securities lending and borrowing, bond transcations, ...etc.
  • Treaty Benefit Application Service for the FINIs.
  • Tax Agent and Advisory Services for Taiwan investors investing in India, Pakistan, Spain, ..etc.


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