Accounting, Tax, and Payroll Outsourcing (related HRM included) Services

Our integrated services includes Payroll Outsourcing, Legal Advisory for labor law and technology solution. Aim to assist corporates in managing and overseeing HR functions and activities efficiently. By lessening the compliance concerns and burdens for corporates, together with reducing the chance of labor disputes, it promotes a win-win and harmonious working environment for both employers and employees.

We provide the following services

Accounting and tax services

  • Accounting and preparation of Chinese and English financial statements
  • Salary calculation and bank transfer
  • Processes concerning Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance, and Pension
  • Cash disbursement or bank account-related affairs
  • Filing of withholding taxes/supplementary premiums
  • Filing of value-added tax
  • Filing of business income tax
  • Preparation of tax reconciliation statement

Payroll Outsourcing Service

  • Severance Pay and Pension Calculation
  • Withholding Tax Calculation for Foreign Employees
  • Attendance and Absence Data Maintenance
  • Processes concerning Redundancy Notification
  • Salary/ Bonus Calculation and Payment
  • Withholding & Non-Withholding Tax Reporting
  • 2nd Generation NHI Supplementary Premium Deduction Reporting
  • Health Insurance Application and Salary Adjustment Reporting
  • Accounting entry and bank transfer file preparation
  • Payslip and payroll reconciliation statement creation
  • Preparation of competent authority questionnaires and forms

Labor Law Service

  • Labor Policy Advice
  • Labor Dispute Representation
  • Law Compliance of HR Transfer in Reform and Merge
  • Employee Stock Options and Motivation Advice
  • International Employee Transfer Law Compliance
  • Massive Layoff Law Compliance
  • Working Rules and Exempt Employee Contract Advice and Drafting
  • Collective Bargaining Compliance
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy Advice
  • Trainings of HR Management and IP Protection

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