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Our policy, programmes and evaluation team work with the government to support the design, implementation, review and evaluation of policies and programmes. We understand the unique needs of the public sector today and have worked closely with all levels of government for many years, and our people have a deep understanding of the environment, culture, policies, and machinery of government. 

We work with agencies around the structure and design of programs, considering the most appropriate operating model, risks, stakeholders, financial management and performance measurement and reporting.

  • Economic planning and infrastructure policy: Assessment of the economic implications of a program or policy on a range of impacted stakeholders.
  • Human rights and social impact: Managing ethical sourcing and labour practice risks and opportunities in the supply chain, from modern slavery to social procurement – designing organisation or industry-wide strategic frameworks to strengthen social impact.

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE)

At KPMG in India, we believe that IDE is fundamental to driving future success. We’ve successfully implemented best practice IDE programmes and policies within our own business. We bring together our vast experience in people consulting, employment law, data analytics and learning which enables us to help you deliver long-lasting cultural change – and retain and attract the best diverse talent.

  • Understand your current IDE position and identify opportunities through inclusion IQ diagnostic, pay gap analysis, benchmarking, population modelling etc
  • Engage your board and senior executives with your IDE strategy through executive training and engagement , action planning, target setting and governance
  • We can provide a managed service or resource to support time-intensive activities like data disclosure campaigns, equal pay audits, dispute advisory etc.

Our strategic insights and support could help you make progress regardless of where your organisation is on its IDE maturity journey. We tailor our offering with the support you need – whether you’re planning the launch of your first IDE programme or looking to ensure your existing programme is driving real impact.

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