Healthcare 3.0: Unlocking the value of big data

Healthcare 3.0: Inspiring a new healthcare model

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare. The question yet to be answered is how much of this change will be driven by healthcare organizations themselves and how much is down to governments, patients, payers or the tech sector itself. The relationship that has been central to the healthcare industry – that between doctor and patient– is being transformed by the internet. In Healthcare 3.0 we share the evidence that is driving some of today’s most pressing developments.

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This series of 10 articles from KPMG International discusses how the proper adoption of technology can create a more sustainable model of healthcare which delivers better outcomes while reducing costs. Questions our clients and prospects want to answers to:

  • How safe is your data? With 40 percent of healthcare organizations having been targeted by cyber criminals, the industry needs to put data protection at the heart of its business.
  • Transforming patient care with big data. Healthcare providers could use big data to deliver better outcomes at a lower cost – if they could distill the insights they need in a given time, setting and context.
  • Turning big data into small, valuable insights. Advanced data analytics can facilitate radical change in the healthcare sector.
  • Treating chronic conditions with technology. Next-generation technology could make a big difference to the treatment of chronic conditions, enabling services to be better targeted – and empowering patients.
  • The power of gamification. Already a US$15bn industry, applied gaming can transform medical training and engage the public in medical advances. 

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