Putting in place appropriate contractual terms to govern your key business activities is an expected part of good business practice. It provides clarity and assurance on where you stand from the perspective of both your rights and your risks. And that is important to boards, auditors, shareholders, financiers and counterparties alike.  

Managing contracts and third-party risks requires a strong understanding of the technical legal issues, as well as a focus on what truly matters in practice – the commercial outcomes, operational issues and appetite for risk. There are also factors outside of the legal terms that influence the relationship between the parties and how they may treat each other now and in the future.  

We can support you with the key challenges you face when contracting:

  • getting effective contracts in place on key, strategic or complex arrangements 
  • understanding, changing or managing high volumes of contracts through clear processes that address risk, value leakage, speed of execution, storage, monitoring, contract data mining and repapering
  • staying on top of your regulatory and legal obligations when it comes to third-party arrangements and managing the associated risks

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Legal solutions for contract and third-party risk

The operation of your core business may rely heavily on your supply chain and arrangements with third parties. Our solutions address your day-to-day needs and mitigate risks you could face in critical situations. We can also work with you to reimagine your approach to contracting through automation and contract lifecycle management.

Securing effective outsourcing contracts

Our skilled team of outsourcing lawyers act for you across the whole lifecycle of your arrangements. We act on complex, global outsourcing deals across a variety of sectors and give you access to legal experts in related areas, including employment law, data privacy and intellectual property (IP). You can also draw on KPMG’s capabilities in tax, risk, transformation, regulatory and strategy.

Restructuring supply chains

Sustainability, resilience and ethical considerations are driving global businesses to reassess their supply chain networks. Our lawyers help assess and transform supply chain contracts and remediate any issues. We work with KPMG's global supply chain practices to be at the cutting edge of current and emerging best practice in supply chain contract structures and issues. 

RFR to LIBOR transition strategy

As part of this transition, there will need to be significant contract repapering activity. See Regulatory, compliance and governance for more information.

Large-scale contract remediation and risk assessment

Altering contracts within large portfolios to address regulatory changes (e.g. GDPR) or macro-economic events presents practical as well as legal challenges. Our core team of lawyers use technology-driven analysis to complement their legal knowledge to risk rate contracts and recommend remediation paths to manage legal, regulatory, commercial and operational risks.

Future of contracting

Our team of commercial experts, contracts lawyers, and legal process and technology consultants, support you in contract risk reviews, extracting value and recovering revenue leakage. We also help you rethink contracting processes to enable continuous improvement.


Contract lifecycle management (CLM)

For clients that experience high contract volumes, we offer a full lifecycle management. See Your legal function for more details 

Tax-sensitive transactions and intra-group arrangements

We work alongside KPMG’s tax and transfer pricing experts to achieve robust legal implementation on major value chain and IP restructuring and licensing projects. And we deliver an end-to-end service to implement other direct tax, VAT and customs advice, such as on securing valuable tax reliefs, allowances and supporting international tax compliance.

Third-party contract and compliance risk in financial services

Our team of experts offer financial services specific solutions around third-party contract and compliance risk to financial services organisations. This may cover risk critical arrangements.


Effective technology contracts

See our solution for effective technology contracts in Data, digital and technology

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss the unique challenges you’re facing around how you alter, create or manage your contracts.

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