As a high or ultra-high net worth individual, you face a range of complex challenges around the day-to-day management, growth and transition of your personal and business wealth. Specifically, you may need assistance in working through how best to create a legacy or preparing for the next generation to take the reins.

Creating effective solutions for you, your family and the people that support you, requires advisors with an in-depth understanding of your unique situation and vision. Our specialist team can help you manage the many challenges you face, including:

  • how to structure UK and cross-border wealth for future generations
  • effective family governance and next generation education
  • creating a legacy and embarking on charitable activities
  • risk mitigation and handling life events 
  • trust advice and understanding trustee powers, duties and rights  
  • living and working across borders
  • establishing and running an effective family office
  • business operation succession planning across the generations
  • growth strategy implementation.

Working closely with our private client and corporate tax teams, we have lawyers who specialise in creating pragmatic solutions for clients and assisting them in realising their goals. Our lawyers are part of a global network of experts on hand to provide seamless support to you.

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Legal solutions for high net worth individuals

We provide a range of legal solutions that help you manage your business more effectively now and be prepared for the future. We recognise that things happen in life and we are there for you when they do. Life events, as we call them, are difficult times for any family, but with high net worth individuals with extensive business and other interests, there are unique challenges that need to be managed and planned for.

Estate and succession planning

Pulling together an effective global estate and succession planning solution is key to ensuring your family are provided for and your assets are passed on in the way you wish after your lifetime. We work with you on the design and implementation of your estate and succession plan, addressing any concerns or potential conflicts, and giving you peace of mind.

Trust asset protection and trustee liability

We provide a tailored solution to help protect your trust assets in the event of litigation, divorce or any other type of claim. We also provide advice on personal liability for trustees seeking to manage their fiduciary duties with their personal position. In addition, we offer trustee risk management.

Business transition

We work with you to help plan and implement the smooth transition of family businesses across generations. Our highly skilled team can ensure an alignment between private and corporate tax solutions as well as private and corporate legal solutions.

Family business governance

Our solutions enable you to establish a governance framework to help ensure your family and business(es) are able to operate and interact effectively now and in the future. Enshrining family and business values through governance tools can improve the chances of longevity and cohesiveness within the family and the family business(es).

Educating the next generation

Whether it’s controlling transition of wealth through wills or transitioning wealth on the sale of a family business, we can help you equip the generations to come for success. This can range from next generation business education to developing family social investment strategies and family philanthropy and charitable giving.

Emigration and immigration advisory

There may be family and/or business reasons that drive a cross-border move. Our specialist team can help you reside legally overseas and ensure adherence to applicable laws.

Merged wealth structuring and protection

You are busy growing your wealth or businesses. We help you protect your wealth by designing innovative and commercial solutions that provide robust asset holding structures, which fit your individual family circumstances. We also help you protect wealth to ensure you are prepared as far as possible if you or your loved ones face a significant life event. 

Tech-enabled solutions for family offices

The family office is modernising and with it comes tech-enabled family office governance. For example, we can support you with tools and technologies that can help store and manage information more effectively, improve governance and provide a more secure platform on which you can manage your affairs.

Business continuity

We support you with advice around business continuity in the event of lost mental capacity or death. 

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Our legal professionals act with utmost discretion and understand the importance and sensitivities around many of the areas upon which our clients need support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss the unique challenges you’re facing.