As organisations face up to a new reality post COVID-19, the legal aspects of doing business have never been more important, whether that’s informing strategy or executing day-to-day tasks. Your legal function is facing increased demands from all angles, and often while needing to deliver more cost effectively, with increased visibility and controls around risk and governance. 

Simply adding heads is not a sustainable solution. You need to transform your legal function. That means prioritising what matters, optimising your team’s capacity, and evolving with the digital age so that it can provide support in new and more creative ways. We have a dedicated team that is focussed on helping legal functions transform and achieve operational excellence. 

We can support you by:

  • re-evaluating your legal operating model to re-focus your team on what matters and identify tactical quick wins
  • optimising your legal processes
  • helping you select the right technology vendors, and design and implement your solution
  • implementing contract lifecycle management 
  • providing access to legal talent at short notice

Whether you want support in the UK or across your organisational footprint, our team of experts, in the UK and KPMG’s network firms in the US, Germany and Australia, can collaborate with you to optimise your legal team as an integrated adviser to your business, reducing risk and improving your internal customer experience. 

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Legal solutions for your legal function

Legal transformation can be a daunting journey. It may be difficult at the outset to get organisational buy in, budget and a clear articulation of the return on investment. We can support you if you want to start by taking steps to optimise what you’re already doing. And if you’re looking to undertake a fuller transformation of your legal function, we can help you design and implement a more comprehensive end-to-end solution. 

Legal operational health check, benchmarking and optimisation

The starting point for transforming your legal function is carrying out a health check to understand the areas where there is scope for improvement. There are often quick wins to be had. This could include reassessing resourcing in terms of how, where and when you should buy in legal support, or optimising processes to enable better distribution of time and effort.

Access to temporary legal talent

When you’re facing a critical situation, you don’t want to be short of legal support. KPMG Flex for Legal gives you access to screened and qualified legal talent, without any IR35 risk. You can augment your current workforce when needed to deal with peaks in demand, gaps in resource or coverage for any reason for a fixed period.

Legal process optimisation

To ensure the most cost-effective and efficient ways of working, the legal function needs clearly mapped and articulated processes. Our approach is to work with you to assess and redesign processes to ensure a best in class approach for core and support processes. Before putting in new technology, we recommend optimising your contracting processes.

Full target operating model redesign and implementation

Are you looking to align your legal department more closely with your business strategy? We offer a full review, redesign and implementation service for your legal function operating model. Our service provides a full transformation across the six core areas of the legal target operating model – structure, processes, resourcing, people, performance and technology. 

Legal team structure review and redesign

As the business world becomes increasingly connected and agile working becomes the new normal, reviewing and redesigning your legal structure and resource is high on the agenda. We can help you weigh up factors such as whether you have a centralised or decentralised model through to the shape of your team.

Cost optimisation

Many clients are under continued cost pressure and face short-term “cost out” targets. Our solution can focus on ways in which you can optimise quickly, with a clear focus on cost saving outcomes.

Legal technology design and implementation

To support your transformation journey, you may be keen to implement some standard technologies, such as better matter management or contract automation. We support you in selecting the right vendors and with the design and implementation of the chosen solution. We often recommend looking at process optimisation ahead of a technology solution.

Contract lifecycle management (CLM)

For clients that experience high contract volumes, we offer a full lifecycle management solution. We help you standardise and digitise your contract estate, optimise your contracting processes and choose the most appropriate CLM technology. Once you have the technology, we can design and implement the system, including automating your contracts. 

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