Data, digital and technology continues to change the global economy and every aspect of how businesses function. They’re impacting how you operate, and how you serve your customers and markets. There are tremendous opportunities for companies that embrace digital transformation, but there are also risks of critical business systems not being fit for purpose and business or personal data being compromised. 

Organisations are embracing new technology knowing that the technology they choose needs to be sustainable and resilient. The potential commercial benefits of accessing, developing and using technology and the ability to collect, use and analyse data are huge. However, they can only be realised if an organisation considers its operational and security requirements, its contractual position and its legal, regulatory and ethical obligations as part of its technology, digital and data strategy. 

Our team of legal and technology experts can help you: 

  • develop data risk compliance strategies, covering the secure collection, management and storage of data
  • manage data disclosure requirements – for example, where someone requests access to their personal data
  • react effectively to a cyber security or data breach event  
  • embed data ethics into your data strategy 
  • cut through the technicalities to reach a sensible position when procuring technology
  • use technology to achieve more effective and less cumbersome legal or compliance outcomes

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Legal solutions for data, digital and technology

We work closely with other teams within our business, such as KPMG’s cyber and digital consulting teams, to provide connected solutions that support you with the day-to-day, the unexpected and in preparing for the future.

Legal and regulatory risk in technology contracting

New and disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, create legal and regulatory risks for organisations in ways that may not be apparent. Our team of technology lawyers work alongside our technology risk consultants to map legal and regulatory obligations, and associated risk controls and organisational structures, enabling you to manage and mitigate these risks.

Data ethics compliance

If you’re using and processing data, you’re going to find yourself faced with many ethical considerations. We’ve designed a matrix tool to help you develop your data ethics principles and stay compliant. 

Data breach response

If you are the victim of a data breach, it’s important that you respond quickly to minimise the impact on your operations and reputation. We can mobilise a global solution to support you, combining legal, forensics and breach management.

Business intelligence products

We’ve developed a range of business intelligence products that bring together the power of technology and our professional services capabilities, coupled with content and expertise from our legal and other professional colleagues within KPMG. Our suite of business intelligence technologies includes: InSite Exit Readiness, InSite Pulse, InSite ESG (legal compliance), Portfolio Lifecycle and our Right to Work App. 

Effective technology contracts

Your business and operating models are evolving through technology and digital transformation programmes. Our technology lawyers advise you on your technology arrangements, covering the full spectrum of related legal areas, including data, consumer and intellectual property (IP).

Complete data impact assessments

We can also help you conduct thorough impact assessments to identify the risks to your data of any technology, digital or business transformation activity you may be undertaking.

Global data compliance

Failing to protect data can have a severe impact on your business – from a loss of trust to significant fines. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) give regulators the power to fine up to 4% of annual global turnover. We can help you build a robust model for data management.


Subject access requests (SARs)

Handling individuals’ requests for access to any personal information you hold on them can prove onerous. We help you manage your responsibilities in an effective way. If you receive high volumes of SAR’s, speak to us about streamlining how you handle these.

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If you’d like to learn more about our business intelligence solutions or how we can help you with any legal issues you’re facing around technology, digital or data, please don’t hesitate to contact us.