KPMG Law Ukraine’s roster of clients includes globally-recognised brands and leading international and domestic companies. As part of an international network, KPMG Law Ukraine can advise your business in Ukraine while also promoting the development of Ukrainian businesses abroad.

We help our clients understand all the nuances of entering or exiting Ukrainian and foreign markets, selecting the optimal way to develop and structure their business. 


  • Legal support on a turnkey basis for starting a business in Ukraine  

  • Advice for clients on optimal, efficient business models for doing business in Ukraine, assisting in developing corporate structures, and financial and operational business models

  • Assisting clients in understanding all aspects of entering foreign markets, including legal restrictions, regulations, and procedures. 

  • Support obtaining all necessary licensing, permits, and registration documents

  • Preparing required agreements, participation in negotiations with counterparties 

  • Advice regarding business financing in Ukraine, payment of profits, and assistance in arranging financing

  • Advice on currency control and other regulatory matters  

  • Providing legal advice and developing strategies for exiting the market or liquidating companies, including risk assessment, legal restrictions, and procedures  

  • Providing legal support throughout a company's liquidation procedure, including preparing necessary documents, interacting with state registration authorities, and any other relevant measures

  • Legal advice and support in the course of closing a company's branches or representative offices in Ukraine, including: settling contractual obligations, terminating operations, dismissing employees, etc.