Ongoing efforts to harmonise Ukrainian and EU law helps has helped to strengthen control over compliance with local and international antitrust and competition law, a process that is only going to continue as Ukraine becomes more integrated with the European Union and beyond.

Given the constant changes in legislation and the dynamic nature of the market, understanding antitrust and competition law and their impact on your business has never been more crucial.

We offer a wide range of services to help you comply with regulatory requirements and strengthen your market position.

KPMG in Ukraine help you find customised solutions to competition law issues and effectively manage antitrust risks. If necessary, we can also represent your interests in AMCU investigations or in court.


  • Support obtaining permits (preliminary conclusions) for concentration and concerted actions
  • Representation in AMCU investigations (merger control, abuse of dominance, anticompetitive concerted practices, unfair competition, etc.)
  • Assessment of potential antitrust risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, joint activities, joint ventures, advising on and structuring such transactions
  • Internal investigations about compliance with competition law / antitrust due diligence
  • Developing and implementing internal programmes and strategies for compliance with competition law (antitrust compliance)
  • Appealing against AMCU decisions
  • State aid eligibility analysis
  • General advice on competition law compliance