Given the dynamic nature of developing regulation and sweeping global changes, the public and private sector must give an increasing level of focus to compliance with legal requirements and internal procedures, both for their own proceedings and the undertakings of their business partners.

Developing or optimising a compliance system can help a company improve the efficiency of its decision-making process, reducing legal, financial, or reputational risks that can result from potential violations.

The KPMG Law Ukraine team has proven experience in implementing projects using the best international practices, enabling us to provide a comprehensive range of compliance services.


  • Implementing compliance systems
  • Developing, analysing, and bringing internal policies and rules in line with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and international laws
  • Advice on anti-money laundering (AML) matters
  • Advice on compliance with sanctions regimes
  • Advice on currency supervision matters
  • Advice on compliance procedure violations and subsequent remediation
  • Compliance risk assessment, due diligence
  • Preparing compliance reporting
  • Representing clients' interests within trade defence mechanisms (trade investigations and litigation), initiation of trade investigations


  • Developing and implementing risk management strategies related to ESG issues, including identifying and assessing ESG risks as well as implementing appropriate mitigation measures
  • Providing advice on compliance with various ESG regulations and standards in Ukraine, such as those related to environmental protection, employment rights and anti-corruption
  • Conducting comprehensive legal due diligence procedures to identify potential ESG risks and opportunities in companies’ operations and supply chain
  • Developing company-wide ESG strategies and policies that align with their values and business goals
  • Developing ESG strategies and policies of the company that align with their values and business goals
  • Advice on corporate governance matters, including board composition, executive remuneration, shareholder rights, etc.

Personal data protection:

  • Conducting an audit of compliance with Ukrainian legislation on personal data protection and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Analysing and developing internal policies and necessary documentation (Data map, RoPA)
  • Building internal processes to protect personal data, as well as supporting their implementation
  • Advice on data protection impact assessment (DPIA)  
  • Conducting employee training and knowledge assessment
  • Advice on communication with personal data subjects
  • Support during inspection by and communication with the Ombudsman, submission of necessary information
  • Advice on cross-border transfers of personal data
  • Advice in the event of an incident / personal data leakage, including advice for analysis and investigation