Relations with state bodies

The public sector of the Ukrainian economy is undergoing radical changes to increase its efficiency and transparency. Both Ukrainian civil society and the international community as a whole (including organisations like USAID, the World Bank, the EBRD, etc.) are paying close attention to vital public sector reforms.

Successfully implementing reforms requires the involvement of the best domestic and international experts. The KPMG Law Ukraine team brings together professionals with significant experience in implementing projects using international best practices, as well as the wide-ranging capabilities of the KPMG global network. This enables us to provide a comprehensive services to help facilitate your organisation’s relations with government agencies, in Ukraine and abroad.


  • Supporting reform and transformation projects in various industries and sectors of the Ukrainian economy: GAP-analysis, developing concepts and drafts of legal and regulatory acts in accordance with international best practices, participating in discussions and presentations, support implementing such laws and monitoring their effectiveness
  • Legal and tax support when implementing projects within the framework of international technical assistance, product sharing agreements, and public-private partnerships
  • Legal support for projects aimed at increasing the institutional capacity of public authorities, enterprises, and public sector institutions
  • Developing and implementing compliance policies and systems
  • Advice on developing or optimising governance structures, as well as developing and improving corporate governance codes