Evolving the tax function of the future

In today’s complex tax landscape, technology and innovation can be the difference between a tax department that is on the defensive, a department that is simply keeping pace and one that is proactively building a proud tax narrative inside and outside of the organization.

KPMG’s Digital Gateway for Tax, powered by Microsoft Azure and built on the cloud, provides tax leaders with one-stop access technology-driven solutions, including KPMG’s suite of tax technologies and supporting services, industry news and current KPMG Tax thought leadership.

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Introducing KPMG Digital Gateway

The single platform solution that gives you access to the full suite of KPMG Tax & Legal Technologies you use.

The latest release for Digital Gateway is here and includes:

New guided user experience

New Digital Control Tower inbox that includes action items, alerts and new content, helping to ensure each user session is directionally focused.

Application connectivity

Digital Gateway platform applications are now front and center in the Digital Gateway Control Tower, improving the user entry experience and further enabling the integration across the platform applications.

Enhanced usability

Enhanced navigation to help ensure users are getting high value in the fewest clicks possible.


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KPMG Digital Gateway for Tax

Your doorway to a world of technology solutions built for today’s most challenging tax, data analytics and other business issues.

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Case studies: KPMG Digital Gateway for Indirect Tax

This video series will explore what KPMG Digital Gateway has to offer your tax department when it comes to Indirect Tax.


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