In 2019 the insurance industry will continue to face dramatic change driven by technological advancements, economic changes and political shifts. For insurance CEO’s, the insurtech agenda remains high on their priorities and strategy in these rapidly changing times. According to our Global CEO Outlook, 73 percent of insurance CEOs are personally prepared to lead the organization through radical transformation to remain competitive.

In light of this, KPMG' insurtech professionals, in collaboration with The Digital Insurer (TDI), have published the 10 key trends and technological predictions for 2019. We believe that these are the trends that will continue to be the positive force in these uncertain times, helping to unlock growth, lower operating costs and drive cultural change for insurance organizations.

Hear from insurtech and insurance professionals

On 30 January 2019, KPMG and TDI hosted a webinar to discuss the 10 major insurtech trends, and a majority of attendees agree that these will be the focus this year. 

Download a copy of our Insurtech 10: Trends for 2019 and watch our insurtech trends webinar to learn more.

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