Healthcare & Life Science Service

Healthcare & Life Science Service

KPMG providing Healthcare & Life Science to our clients as they tackle challenges & transform the way Healthcare & Life Science is provided.

KPMG providing our clients professional service as they tackle challenges & transform...

Since the 1980s, the biotechnology industry has been a key development in Taiwan. The biotechnology industry development consists of four dimensions: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, emerging technologies, as well as agricultural biotechnology. Additionally, in response to the aging population, the long-term care has provided many critical business opportunities. It is estimated that the aging population will rise dramatically after 10 years in Taiwan. The long-term care insurance will also benefit more than 800,000 people, which means the silver haired business opportunities have become more and more important for government to develop the related industry strategies.

The development of Long-term care and Healthcare industry is related to the social welfare and national health. Therefore, the Healthcare industry should be developed by integrating various aspect of service from government, finance to legality. In order to assist all healthcare and biotechnology clients to face these potential challenges. KPMG Healthcare and Life Science Team aims to combine both global insights and local resources to provide cross-function, high-quality services, and total solutions, assisting all healthcare organizations to develop the best strategies.


Healthcare Industry Professional Services

While the social welfare and national health should both be the main concern during the development of Healthcare industry, it should also include the integrated services of compliance with policies and regulation, financial planning, professional operation of Healthcare organization etc. KPMG Healthcare & Life Science team can provide your company with our expertise having a full knowledge in Healthcare industry

  • Integration services for the setting up and operating of Healthcare center: Include establishment of organization, compliance with policies and regulations on Healthcare, professional recruitment, advisory and planning services for operating a Healthcare organization. 
  • Financial planning services for healthcare organization: Include the setting up of corporate and investing planning, advisory and planning service in compliance with the law and investment. 
  • Planning services for developing the peripheral industry in Healthcare and graying population industry: Include the service that link between the demand of graying population industry and related Domestic industry. Advisory and planning service for value added data and Healthcare monitoring industry.
  • Advisory services for development planning: Include providing the consulting services for integrated community development through CCRC planning.
  • Other integration services for Healthcare industry. 


Biotechnology Industry Professional Services

  • Assessment & Planning
    • Biotech/Healthcare Analysis and Planning
    • Operating Model Planning
    • Joint Procurement Planning
    • Risk Consulting & Deal Advisory
    • Service Model Integration
    • Tax Structure Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Law Analysis
    • Engagement Analysis
  • Business Development & Registration
    • Targeting potential investments of Biotech/Healthcare Entities
    • Drafting & Amending Contract and Joint Venture Agreement
    • Medical Professionals Employment Arrangement
    • Rental and Joint Procurement of Equipment & Pharmaceuticals
    • Business Protocol & Agreement
    • Assistance in investigating company name and businesses
    • Institution or Enterprise Name Registration
    • Assistance in auditing capital
    • Business License Application (if necessary)
  • Management & Advisory
    • Financial Accounting and Management Advisory
    • Tax Planning Services
    • Control of Risks and Costs Management
    • Service Process Leaning and Enhancing Management
    • Dispute Resolution and Risk & Compliance Management
    • Clinical Trails and Biotech IP Strategic Advisory
    • Human Resource Management & Advisory
    • IT Service Advisory
    • Legal Consultant & Advisory

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