Aikey Wu


KPMG in Taiwan

Aikey Wu, a Tax Director of KPMG, joined KPMG in 2003.

Before he joined KPMG, he was an auditor responsible for financial report auditing, IPO tutoring and income tax returns filing at another international accounting firm.

Aikey is mainly responsible for tax consulting of the shareholder and corporate investment structure for IPOs purpose (before and after IPOs), employee option plan and handling the matters of corporate/ personal income tax as well as applying for the various tax refund/concessions application. His clients are from a variety of industries, such as financial and banking, transportation, retail, aquaculture, manufacturing and technology.

Moreover, he provided tax consulting service to corporations and wealthy individuals, including tax advice service on wealth inheritance/ secure, business model, shareholding structure, individual tax, estate tax, gift tax and family inherited wealth tax.

Aikey also is often invited as a tax lecturer, not only for KPMG Taiwan, but for the various industrial (such as Kaohsiung Chamber of Industry, The SME Incubator at Tainan Science Park and especially banking and financial industry).


Professional Service Experience

·         Provides tax (including income tax, estate and gift taxes) advices regarding wealth inheritance and perfection for the individuals and families

·         Provides tax planning services regarding the adjustments of shareholder and investment structure prior/post to IPO in Taiwan (including IPO through foreign investment)

·         Provides tax consulting service regarding the related party transactions (including the cross-border transactions)

·         Provides tax advice on employee stock option plan

  • Capital Markets
  • Demographics
  • Financial Services
  • IPO
  • Investment Management
  • Mega trends
  • Middle Market
  • Securities
  • Small Enterprises
  • Tax
  • National Taichung University of Science and Technology