Jeff Hou

Associate Director

KPMG in Taiwan

Jeff Hou is our founding member of KPMG Social Enterprise Service Team since 2014, and he was named our Advisory Star in 2018. He provides multiple stakeholders (e.g. government, entrepreneurs, investors, Co-op, NPO and Place Making organizers) advisory services, such as eco-system building for social enterprises, capacity building for social entrepreneurs, cooperate social innovation strategy planning and impact investing evaluation.


Jeff is one of the very few professionals who has cross-sector experiences in business and social sectors in Taiwan. A well-known policy executive, NPO organizer, IMPACT advisor, Jeff focuses on developing innovative strategies for businesses striving to achieve environmental and social IMPACT.


Moreover, Jeff assisted in founding Social Enterprise Revolving Trust (SERT), which is the first public trust investing social enterprises in Taiwan and he was appointed to be executive assistant to founder. He also serves as the chairman of 180 Degrees Consulting—Taiwan Branch, the executive board of the International City Wanderer Education Association, deputy secretary general of Taiwan Social innovation and Sustainable Development Association and the head of campus marketing committee in Taiwan Impact Investing Association.

Area of Expertise

  • Management Consulting for Purpose-led organization, like Social Enterprises, NPOs, Co-op and Place Making organizations.
  • Social Innovation Consulting for Mainstream Companies
  • Impact Investing Strategies
  • Impact Evaluation and Reporting
  • Policy advisor of Social Innovation and enterprise eco-system.
  • B.A. in Social and Policy Sciences, Yuan Ze University

  • Study in MBA program, College of Technology Management National Tsing Hua University

  • Manager of Social Enterprise Service