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Procurement Advisory

Our mission is to enable our clients to implement the future of procurement. Traditionally viewed as a basic buying organization, procurement has evolved into a critical partner to business functions and a source of major competitive differentiation. Whether large or small, those organizations that are able to position procurement as a core function, drive a more competitive lever for change, and adapt more successfully to rapid demand and supply disruptions in the current global environment.

Secure your place at the table as a strategic business partner

We aim to provide the best approach throughout the procurement spectrum including the development of innovative strategies, actual implementation and monitoring in the following areas:

Spend analytics

Category management and Strategic Sourcing

Organizational effectiveness

Procurement maturity assessment

Supplier Management

Process optimization



Human Resource Transformation

We help you reinvent the HR function to build value and resilience. To drive growth and become future ready, the HR function needs to evolve along with rapid changes in the workforce and capitalize on emerging technology.

KPMG’s HR leadership and workforce strategy experience positions us to discover new ways of work and design your future HR service vision. Putting employees at the center, we can help you transform your HR operations with strategy articulation that is driven by data and emboldened by technology. This includes

HR Strategy and Assessment

Digital HR and innovation

HR Operational excellence

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Organizational Design

We assist our clients with the creation of an organization where the strategy, operating model, structure, processes, infrastructure, values, and behaviors are aligned to realize the shared organizational goal.

In today’s world of rapid change and disruption, your organization must have intentional, progressive design and workforce management strategies that create sharp and effective organizations. KPMG’s People and Change team can help you define your organizational structures and people processes to reflect the new dynamics of future work. We deliver:

A proven approach to facilitate workable design for the organization

Detailed analysis of spans of control and layers to ensure optimal sizing

Detailed design of organizational structure, processes, governance and capabilities that enables you to achieve your strategy as well as to sustain increased levels of performance.

Stakeholder engagement to ensure adoption of new accountabilities, responsibilities, and ways of working.

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Organizational Transformation



Change Management

We help our clients mitigate organizational risks in their pursuit of realizing long term benefits as part of changes to the organization.

KPMG’s Behavioral Change Management (BCM) Method is an approach used to manage the people, process or system factors of change to achieve intended business outcomes. KPMG’s BCM provides a clear and proven approach to delivering successful change with activities designed to proactively guide organizations, leaders and individuals through 5 key phases of change:


Make It Clear: Aligning leaders around strategic aims, ambition, and scale of change


Make It Known: Communicate the vision and case for change, and establish ownership of the solution


Make It Real: Translate the change vision into reality and define what it means for the people in the organization


Make It Happen: Move the organization towards the end state and equip people with new ways of working


Make It Stick: Ensure the organization’s capability to sustain the change

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Finance Operations Improvement

We deliver optimized global processes by identifying and prioritizing the improvement of core finance function processes and using KPMG’s tested tools and templates, you can redefine the finance function in a relatively short period of time—with an outcome of increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved reporting.

We can help you enhance the specific finance and accounting processes that often cross multiple business units and operating silos, such as:

Financial and management reporting

Planning, budgeting, and forecasting (Plan to perform)

Record to report

Order to cash

Procure to pay

Fixed asset (Acquire to retire)


Front-, middle-, and back-office integration

Account reconciliations



Finance Strategy and Performance

We work with our clients to enhance the operation of their finance functions and position their finance teams for lasting success. As today’s finance functions work hard to provide even deeper value to their business, they are shifting their focus outward to activities that support better decision making and performance.

At KPMG, we work with our clients to enhance the operation of their finance functions, their value to the business, and to position their finance teams for lasting success.

We focus on the key elements of transformational change required to position finance as a trusted advisor. Specifically:

implementing shared services and outsourcing

develop Finance Talent Management

defining a Finance Target Operating Model

accelerating finance transformations with KPMG’s Powered Finance framework

creating cost models

practicing LEAN finance principles


Project Management Office: Project Implementations

Our team's Project Management service will assist you throughout the lifecycle of your project implementation from inception to completion.

Our Project Management Office (PMO) offers a professional approach and methodology in managing the risks and enhancing the overall quality of the project, from inception to completion and transition. We will drive activities and project-related services aligned to the overall business objective. This includes:

Design, set-up, and manage the PMO throughout the lifecycle of the project

Design, set-up, review, and evaluate project processes

Support organizational governance requirements

Provide project artifacts and administrative activities in support of the project

Coordinate governance and reporting

Transition the PMO at the end of the project

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Enterprise-wide transformation

Helping clients redefine their portfolio, business and operating model: transforming where they play and how they win. In today’s dynamic market, organizations must be willing to transform or risk irrelevance. Enterprise-wide transformation is driven by external triggers such as disruptive forces impacting financial, business and operating models; or internal motivations such as driving synergies and efficiencies within and between business units and aligning stakeholder interests.

We can help organizations determine whether or not and to what extent transformation is genuinely required.

Bringing strategic thinking and the hands-on skillsets to deliver on transformation, we help organizations in designing, planning and implementing their enterprise-wide transformations such as:

refreshing or shifting the company's strategy given the recent changes in the market dynamics

improve internal/external perception of the business and alignment between the ambition, business and operating models

company's readiness to execute transformation

Our approach provides the framework for strategic planning, organization redesign, and other modularized enterprise-wide services.


Learning Academy

We are fully committed to developing a continuous learning culture for our employees and clients. We will support you as you offer timely and relevant resources, trainings, and programs to your employees.

Our team will offer a range of seminars and training modules to organizations across industries to address your continuous development needs. Our learning modules vary from ever-evolving industries to going through specialized areas such as updates on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), taxation, talent management, automation and strategy.

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Customer Advisory

We recognize that the customer experience is becoming the number one brand differentiator, overtaking price and product. This is the reason why there is a need for a more customer-centric delivery for your business arises.

We offer various services to help you deliver great experiences to your customers, identifying the right balance between cost and customer satisfaction and identifying growth opportunities. Driven by value-centric methodologies, our approach can enable true customer-centric delivery that will drive growth and maximize value. This includes:

Help businesses identify their customer value and translate it to their growth strategy

Design and deliver omnichannel business models to create holistic customer experience

Embed analytically driven insights to develop repeatable, scalable, analytical solutions and services to help businesses drive growth

Analyze, map and design customer’s journeys and use customer insight to improve the customer experience

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Software Asset Management

We help you make informed decisions about your software investments, manage both cost and compliance of software, and provide recommendations on improving of the software asset lifecycle.

We can help your company make informed decisions about your software investments, manage both cost and compliance of software, and provide recommendations on improving of the software asset lifecycle.

Duties and license fees associated with the use of various software are applied throughout the entire life cycle of a software in the organization. We help you in making informed decisions on IT and software investments to maximize the value received from your vendors, while managing risks for the organization. SAM is the foundation for better cybersecurity defense, technology management and the digital transformation support of your business.

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