Innovation Summit 2024

Innovation Summit 2024

Tech Horizons: Unleashing the Future of Innovation

Tech Horizons: Unleashing the Future of Innovation

    With the theme Tech Horizons: Unleashing the Future of Innovation, this year’s Innovation Summit will be a convergence of tech and business leaders across diverse industries. Expect a lineup of engaging talks and panel discussions covering Artificial Intelligence (AI), ESG, Digital Trust, and Digital Transformation.

    Moreover, we are excited to host the local leg of the KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator (GTI) competition, shining a spotlight on promising local startups and emerging technology players. This segment offers a platform for these innovators to connect with potential local and international investors, fostering growth and collaboration.

    Furthermore, both in-person and virtual attendees will have the opportunity to benefit from free quick consultations with KPMG subject matter experts. These consultations are tailored to address digital and transformational challenges specific to organizations and industries.

Date 4 July 2024, Thursday
Time 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue Shangri-La The Fort/Zoom
Format Hybrid
Innovation Summit 2024

Talks and Fireside Chats


AI Unleashed: Shaping Tomorrow Responsibly

Explore the potential of AI development with a focus on responsible and ethical innovation. Envision a future where technology empowers without overshadowing, fostering collaboration between human and machines for greater possibilities.

Sustainability Meets Tech: ESG and AI in Corporate Governance

Discover how ESG principles and AI intersect in today's evolving corporate governance landscape. Discover the ethical implications and innovative techniques that shape responsible corporate practices amidst technological advancements.

Panel Discussions


Trust Unleashed: Building Confidence in the Digital Age

No more technobabble. Gain insights into the fundamentals of digital trust, ranging from safeguarding data privacy to robust security measures. Enhance your proficiency in digital trust by understanding its nuances and its impact on the work you do. Learn strategies for creating a more trustworthy digital tomorrow.


Transformation to Profit: Unlocking the Value of Digital Evolution

Businesses aspire to be agile, optimized and innovative. Consequently, many have joined the Digital Transformation Race, albeit at different rates of adoption. Some are just beginning, some are already making headway, while others are already leading the pack. Gain insights and guidance on the state of play in the Digital Transformation space in the Philippines, where you are in your own sprints.

Global Tech Innovator Competition in the Philippines

Local startups and emerging technology players will be presenting their businesses to potential local and international investors. We will award the Global Tech Innovator in the Philippines who will compete with fellow country winners in the global finals.

Register for the summit and get the chance to avail of free consultation with our subject matter experts on all things digital transformation. The mechanics of the consultation will be provided after registering.

For inquiries, please feel free to send us a message via or join our conversation on social media.


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