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Audit and Assurance

We deliver value by providing insights that help you better understand our independent audit assessment through a working relationship with your auditor that you can depend on.

KPMG capabilities and solutions help organizations enhance, accelerate, automate and augment processes and business decisions that drive growth and profitability.


Your focus is on taking your business to new heights, our technology-driven audit delivers assurance on your financial statements and helps us get additional insights into your business. When you need more of us, you get more. By embedding technology in every phase of the audit, we look deeper and see farther into your data, to realize the full value of the information. KPMG understands that it is important to leverage relevant technology that enables us to focus audit efforts where it is really needed, to bring efficiency to save time and effort. When you work with us, our technology will allow you to stay focused on your business.


At KPMG, we have quickly adapted to the new normal of remote work that we are currently facing, while remaining laser-focused on audit quality. We continue to stay agile and have adopted new ways of working to ensure we are still able to deliver the best work for our clients at this time, which include new approaches like video based walkthroughs; technology to explore asset valuations, centralization of services and project management features to ensure execution.

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