At KPMG in the Philippines, we know that trust is earned by doing what is right. To inspire confidence and empower change, we need to consider the economic, environmental and social impact of our activities, align our financial and societal performance as part of a shift toward stakeholder capitalism, and have strong governance in place to oversee all that we do and ensure that we do it well.

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Our Values and what we stand for

Our Values guide our day-to-day behaviors, informing how we act, the decisions we make, and how we work with each other, across the 140+ countries and territories that we operate in. They’re embedded across the entire employee journey, in our business processes and in our stakeholder interactions.

By living our Values and considering the impact of our work from a broad range of perspectives, we aim to be a purposeful business, fostering prosperity and helping to address some of the key issues facing our people, clients, stakeholders and wider society.

Our Values
our values
our values

Responsible business practices across services lines

Act lawfully, ethically, and in the public interest

We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional behavior in everything we do. Within our Global Code of Conduct, we outline the responsibilities all KPMG employees have to each other, our clients and the public. It shows how our Values and Purpose inspire our greatest aspirations and guide all of our behaviors and actions. It defines what it means to work at and be part of KPMG, as well as our individual and collective responsibilities.​

We Do What is Right: Integrity at KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co.​

At KPMG, we uphold a steadfast commitment to acting lawfully, ethically, and in the public interest. This commitment is exemplified through our comprehensive training program, "Integrity at KPMG", which emphasizes doing what is right in all aspects of our work. Our target completion rate for this training is set at 100% , and we are proud to report that we have successfully achieved this goal, with every member of our team completing the Integrity at KPMG training. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct, ensuring that every action we take aligns with our core values and serves the public interest.​

Ethical Culture​

We consistently uphold our core values even in challenging situations. The latest 2023 KPMG Global People Survey (GPS) results indicate positive progress in our commitment to ethical conduct. ​ ​

This underscores our unwavering dedication to fostering an environment where our people feel empowered to report unethical practices without fear of reprisal, reinforcing our commitment to integrity and ethical standards at every level of our organization.

Acting in the Public Interest​

We aim to foster transformative services across diverse sectors. Our engagements underscore collaborative efforts with various industries, government entities, and beyond, ensuring a collective approach to societal well-being. From redefining fiscal strategies through Finance Transformation to fortifying digital resilience with Cybersecurity, KPMG strategically positions businesses for success in an interconnected world. ​

Compliance with Laws and Standards

Act lawfully, ethically, and in the public interest​

KPMG’s Core Values define who we are, what we do, and how we do it. They define our culture and our commitment to the highest principles of personal and professional conduct. Based on KPMG’s Core Values, the Global Code of Conduct provides the primary standards of ethical conduct to ensure compliance with local laws, policies, and professional standards.​

Compliance with Laws, Local Regulatory Bodies, and Industry Standards​​

We actively engage in a dynamic regulatory environment by fostering strong relationships with a multitude of key organizations in the professional and business sectors to ensure that our business practices benefit the society and address negative impacts it might have on society, people and planet through our active collaboration and coordination with regulatory agencies.

KPMG Thought Leadership​​

Apart from webinars and public engagements, we actively release Thought Leadership articles to showcase our insights and expertise across various business and industry topics and promote transparency. ​ ​

Authored by KPMG professionals, these articles delve into current trends, challenges, and opportunities, providing strategic insights and recommendations for clients, industry professionals, and the broader business community. ​ ​

In FY2023, we released 237 Thought Leadership (TL) articles across various topics and sectors.​

Document Management System and Robotic Process Automation​

Our strategic initiatives involve optimizing processes through the Document Management System (DMS) and implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Streamlining processes, such as Aging of Employee Balances, Petty Cash, Job Instruction Requisition, and Purchase Order (PO). ​

The DMS framework aims to minimize manual efforts, enhance efficiency, and align with Global ESG initiatives, incurring no additional costs. It is led by the Finance & Accounting (F&A) and DMS teams, in collaboration with ITS and Admin, these initiatives will be launched in Q4 FY 2024.​ ​

The RPA is strategically applied to processes like Depreciation/Lapsing Monitoring, Bank Reconciliation, and Timesheet Monitoring to minimize manual efforts, improve efficiency, and align with Global ESG initiatives. This RPA implementation, scheduled to be launched in Q4 FY 2024, to be led by the F&A and RPA teams. This is expected to bring significant improvements in overall operational effectiveness.​

Combatting Corruption

Work against corruption in all its forms​​

Along with our Global Code of Conduct, our anti-bribery and corruption program is designed to ensure we uphold the highest standards of professional integrity. This includes detailed policies for all KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co. personnel, training on anti-bribery and corruption under the “We Do What is Right: Integrity at KPMG”, compliance procedures and an international whistleblowing hotline that is available for KPMG personnel, clients, and other third parties. ​

We assess prospective clients, third parties and suppliers in relation to bribery and corruption, where assessment of the prospective client’s principals, its business and other service-related matters is conducted. Further, this also involves background checks on the prospective client, its key management and significant beneficial owners.

Data Security

Maintain client confidentiality ​​

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of information protection, data privacy, and security. The importance of maintaining client confidentiality is emphasized through a variety of mechanisms including the Global Code of Conduct, regular Data Protection Training, and the annual affidavit/ confirmation process that all our professionals are required to complete.

We are required to protect our clients’ data against loss and exploitation; hence, it is critical that we ensure we have appropriate governance structures in place to manage data and cybersecurity risks, especially with the increasing occurrence of cyber-attacks, and the higher sophistication of these cyber-attacks. ​ ​

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