Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions Services

Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions Services

AML and Sanctions landscape is constantly evolving and managing an effective AML/CFT framework remains a significant challenge for all the institutions. Expectations are increasing, as regulators, customers and stakeholders – just about everyone – wants more and as businesses become more complex, innovative and have a cross jurisdictional flavour, so does the rules, regulations and international pressures to comply.

AML/CFT and Sanctions Compliance is at the top of the Global Executive Agenda as institutions face an array of threats that grow more complex by the day. The risks are innumerable and ever-present, and institutions that fail to manage them well imperil their future. The challenges are growing faster than the abilities to respond, therefore today’s complex environment requires a stronger competence to master and optimize the capabilities.

We aim to provide our clients with practical AML and Sanctions compliance advice and assistance across a wide range of areas:

  • Institutional ML/TF Risk Assessment
  • Thematic Reviews
  • Screening and Monitoring Systems
  • Remediation Services
  • Training and Awareness Programs

Refer to our brochure for a full list of services offered by KPMG’s AML professionals.


The purpose of our collective services is to:

  • Enhance your AML and Sanctions compliance framework so that it works for your business whilst complying with national and international regulations;
  • Avoid or mitigate severe financial, commercial and reputational damage that non-compliance with regulations, or association with money laundering may result;
  • Improve management and awareness of money laundering risks amongst your team, helping to reduce the risk of future regulatory breach; and
  • Achieve an in-depth understanding of your customers, their expectations and potential business prospects enabling you to grow your business further or have cost optimization.


Our wealth of experiences and understanding of business is developed through familiarity with industry/sector specific requirements from a broad client base. We have global AML methodologies and solutions to achieve consistency across boundaries. Our experience gives us exceptional insight into regulatory expectations, perspective and ability to think proactively on the changing regulatory environment.


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