Digital business value creation demands a flexible, scalable architecture

Complexity and the continuous change in business, technicalities and workforce environment force organizations to embark into transformation projects. However, due to the lack of visibility on their business positioning within the technology landscape, it becomes a challenge for these organizations to prioritize their transformation agenda. 

Why Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

EA employs the architecture guiding principles and practices to articulate business and technology priorities and requirements, models, scenarios and road maps for change. EA also takes responsibility for planning change initiatives and providing guidance during their execution.

An organization with a mature EA function will have a clear definition of EA capabilities and processes. With this foundation established, EA can focus on larger program/projects, alignment of business and IT for a 3–5-year plan along with major transformation events.

Our Modern Enterprise Architecture Solution

KPMG modern enterprise architecture service help identify the current state of your organization, envision the desired target state and determine the necessary transition states in between.

Our professionals take a holistic approach to each state and define the needed capabilities—processes, organization, application, technology/infrastructure, data and other architecture views—to ensure every product supports the overall business objectives. 

EA can achieve potential benefits such as:

  • Better understanding of your business positioning in today’s digital landscape
  • Reduce potential confusion
  • Resources are aligned with business requirements
  • Better integration with the business

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