Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory teams provide clients with the knowledge, data, technology and experience to help define strategies for their global business support functions. We provide insights into how to integrate shared services, outsourcing and internal improvement into clients’ broader transformation strategy.

We offer deep functional knowledge in shared services and outsourcing for finance and accounting, human resources, IT, procurement and other critical business processes.

Taking an objective approach, we help organizations transform service delivery models and address change management issues, centralize and optimize capabilities, outsource functions, and create sustainable governance and performance management models.

  • Do you have a market comparison of governance capabilities? 
  • Does your company have a desire to free up time for its governance personnel to focus on higher value activities?
  • Is the client meeting business and financial objectives with its current delivery service solutions? Is the client’s contract up for renegotiation?
  • Does the client have well-structured, sustainable contract terms? 
  • Is client actively expanding into new and emerging markets? Is the client’s contract up for renegotiation? 
  • Does the client have well-structured, sustainable contract terms? 
  • Does the client outsource any function today? If outsourced, is the client’s contract up for renewal?

Our collaborative approach helps organizations improve agility, build business value and reduce cost, and reduce redundancy and management effort. We do that through a standard approach to metrics, controls, risk management contracts and pricing across functions, as well as on – demand access to services including software, infrastructures and contractors. 

We can help build a shared service capability and manage ongoing relationships at any point of our client’s journey. Outsourcing has become a key strategy for organizations seeking to reduce costs and improve services. A well – chosen outsourcing strategy can help organizations:

  • Increased visibility into the strengths and weakness of available service portfolios of a faster, more cost-effective decision-making process
  • Identify key consideration points for keeping options open, whether establishing, renewing or renegotiating an outsourcing contract
  • Understand cloud service providers and how outsourcing providers are utilizing cloud technologies
  • Recognize when to consider cloud – based offerings vs. outsourced vs. shared services – or a combination of those
  • Understand what should not be outsourced

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