The deals landscape has been changing. Offensive and aggressive bid competition is pushing for shorter and deeper diligence. In the new reality, it will be harder than ever to separate clear signals on performance from noise. Some companies will look entirely different, having restructured to survive economic disruption.

Investors who look beyond traditional commercial and financial diligence methods are likely to make the best capital allocation decisions, and sellers who understand how they can improve performance and build a stronger equity story will achieve the best returns. 

This is why KPMG’s value creation approach deploys a powerful combination of hypothesis-led thinking and advanced data analytics. Together with our sector-specific knowledge and functional expertise, we can provide you with a unique set of insights around a deal. It means we can help you rapidly unlock revenue, cost and cashflow, and demonstrate clear EBITDA/EV impact. 

KPMG's value creation approach uses data and analytics to identify opportunities that aim to enhance EBITDA upliftment and cashflow optimization for the business


We execute our value creation approach at deal speed – which means weeks and not months – through the following:

An integrated team working at deal speed

Our team brings together commercial, financial, operational and data science experts. And we give you access to KPMG’s global network of professionals on key specializations ranging from operations and customer experience, to corporate finance and tax.

Next-level insights using advanced analytics and data science

Our comprehensive library of real-time, high-frequency data and industry benchmark information enable us to uncover key indicators of potential, while our huge bank of analysis enables us to deliver deep insights quickly.

A holistic, end-to-end approach to value creation

Whether you’re buying, selling or holding, we help you identify potential and provide practical hands-on delivery of performance improvement programs.

Even in a non-deal scenario, businesses need to constantly reassess their performance and trajectory in today’s competitive environment. Market challenges may be impacting growth, deleveraging costs or squeezing margins. Regardless of the specifics, businesses can benefit from a data-driven analysis to understand: What is trending in the right direction, where is money being made, and what issues need to be addressed?

KPMG’s Value Creation model assists clients in defining and delivering rapid EBITDA improvement. Our approach incorporates two steps:

First, we perform a bottoms-up assessment using sophisticated data and analytics to understand your business, identify problem areas and evaluate identified improvement opportunities.

Next, we work closely with you to implement measurable improvements to capture the identified value. During this second step, you’ll benefit from working with a firm that knows how to get things done, from strategy through to implementation.

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