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As the digital space continues to accelerate, organizations expect to make faster decisions and move from ideation to revenue with speed. In the race to harness emerging technologies faster than the competition, organizations are sidestepping the IT function and neglecting governance, leading to high costs, risks, and diminished IT investment value. The process that organizations use to evaluate, select, invest and deploy technology can lead to competitive differentiation and market growth or monetary loss, write-downs and reputational damage.

Instead of narrowly focusing on the vulnerability and security components of digital transformation, KPMG’s Technology Risk Management professionals take a broader, more holistic view of the risk element. We concentrate on the strategic impact that technologies and new business models can have on your entire organization. We help organizations establish a governance framework that embraces disruptive technologies and encourages innovation while ensuring risks are being identified and managed.

Enterprise Network & Security Infrastructure Services

Businesses that wish to improve their organizational efficiency and business value through a more modern network need to evaluate programs, security, services and infrastructure. The process can be costly and time-consuming.

KPMG can help you re-engineer and deploy a network that addresses security concerns and uses modem technology to enable cloud and digital solutions. By creating a more substantial alignment of network service and infrastructure capabilities with business strategies and demand, your business can improve the delivery of network services, enhance network capabilities and security, and reduce operational costs.

3 Enterprise Network & Security Infrastructure Services

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the client’s network environment & Architecture

        - LAN and WAN Infrastructure Assessment

        - Network Segmentation

        - Network configuration & controls

  • Network Resilience and Risk Assessment
  • SDN fabric & Cloud network Architecture
  • Network Optimization and consolidation
  • Network technology rationalization  & modernization
  • Legacy network transformation into Software Define Network
  • Network cost benefit analysis 
  • Network security technology rationalization  & modernization
  • Program & Project Management
  • Network security strategy & controls coverage
  • Network  Security Architecture Posture 
  • SDFW and Cloud security Architecture
  • Network security optimization and consolidation
  • Network security Optimization and consolidation
  • Minimum Baseline Security Standards (MBSS) for network security devices 

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