Domestic Tax Services

Domestic Tax Services

Professional and active domestic tax experts are doing their utmost to enhance company value of the member firms’ clients.

Professional and active domestic tax experts are doing their utmost to enhance...

The Domestic Tax Divisions of KPMG TAX, consisting of various tax experts (CPAs, CTAs, Lawyers, and former NTS specialists), assist large scale companies’ headquarters in Korea, and domestic venture businesses, with their dynamic and diverse needs, as well as maximize their economic benefits by collaborating with them from the planning stages.


Tax Risk Diagnosis (Tax Health-Check)

Performance of in-depth analysis to identify potential tax risks based on attributes of the relevant industries and clients allow us to provide our clients with effective & suitable alternatives, contributing to secure and stable operations. 


Tax Audit Assistance (Tax Audit Defense)

On-site tax experts will consult at the preparatory stage. In case of newly materialized controversial issues, our objective & comprehensive view and counter-strategy, based on the review of the relevant theories, court precedents, industry trends, overseas materials, etc., will assist clients in minimizing the possibility of additional tax assessment.


Tax Appeal Assistance

With extensive understanding and experience of dispute issues, our tax experts are able to assist clients by providing sound logic and solutions to achieve their optimal outcome.


Tax Refund Claim Assistance

KPMG TAX assists clients to identify whether or not any tax is over-paid, and supports efficient tax refund claims. 


Tax Ruling Request Assistance

Increasing uncertainty exists on the application of tax rules & regulations due to the complexity of frequently amended tax laws and economic phenomenon. KPMG TAX helps minimize this uncertainty by providing assistance for tax ruling requests to the appropriate tax authorities.


Tax Advice on Restructuring, Business Reorganizations, etc.

KPMG TAX provides various tax advice on strategy and execution plans for the restructuring and business reorganization of domestic entities. 

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