M&A Tax Services

M&A Tax Services

With its Total Service on M&A-related tax issues, Samjong KPMG supports its member firms’ clients enhance their company value.

With its Total Service on M&A-related tax issues, Samjong KPMG supports its member...

KPMG TAX provides PEFs (private equity funds) and investors with turn-key solutions for M&A and corporate investments. KPMG TAX’s services include advising on effective transaction structure at the planning stage, tax due diligence, post-merger tax advice and tax audit assistance.

KPMG TAX also advises on restructuring methods based on the various tax implications arising from the restructuring.


Investment structuring advice and tax due diligence regarding acquisition

KPMG TAX advises on potential tax risk of the target by reviewing investment structures for acquisitions, analyzing their tax effects under different options, thereof, and conducting tax due diligence.


General tax advice and tax audit defense for the acquired companies

KPMG TAX provides general tax advisory services, tax audit defense, and tax appeals subsequent to corporate takeovers.


Tax advice related to restructuring on the acquired companies

KPMG TAX assists with finding the proper restructuring method by analyzing the tax effects of each potential option for the interested parties.


Post follow-up and Tax-efficient exit strategy advice

KPMG TAX performs and recommends the appropriate tax strategy, after considering several options, for the best return on investment.

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