Global Tax Services

Global Tax Services

With the worldwide network of KPMG member firms, Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’ clients through systematic global tax services.

With the worldwide network of KPMG member firms, Samjong KPMG helps its member...

Samjong KPMG, together with the worldwide professional network of KPMG International, provides systematic and logical tax advice on the tax issues which might occur in international transactions for both domestic entities extending their business abroad and multinational companies.


International Tax Advice

The Global Tax Division of KPMG TAX provides comprehensive tax advice on international tax issues, such as permanent establishment issues, beneficiary owner issues, withholding issues and supports professional consulting services with regards to BEPS (Base erosion & Profit shifting) related taxation.


Various Tax Assistance and Advice for Foreign (Invested) Entities

Comprehensive tax services including Tax Risk Diagnosis, Tax Audit Assistance, Tax Ruling Request Assistance, Tax Appeal Assistance, etc. are being provided to foreign (invested) entities. In addition, tax services to their headquarters and affiliates overseas are being offered through collaboration with KPMG member firms across the world.


Tax Advice on Domestic Entities’ Overseas Investment & Foreign Entities’ Investment in Korea.

Introduction of the relevant tax rules and regulations for domestic entities’ overseas investment & foreign entities’ investment in Korea and any ex ante review therewith are being offered with the collaboration of the worldwide tax professional network of KPMG Member Firms across the globe.

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