Our approach

In today’s post-BEPS world, transfer pricing has been transformed. Companies face new challenges, and the need for a global narrative is now more necessary than ever.

KPMG in the Crown Dependencies can help companies develop and implement economically supportable transfer prices, document the policies and outcomes, respond to questions raised by tax authorities, and assist with Country-by-Country Reporting obligations. Our Transfer Pricing professionals are well equipped to provide the local experience and global context that companies need to thrive in today’s environment.

How we can support you

We help tax leaders make difficult decisions about prioritising limited resources every day. Navigating the proliferation of BEPS-driven requirements, such as Country-by-Country Reporting obligations, with a finite budget requires careful risk tiering and consideration. It also requires a focus on process and technology. Tax leaders can benefit from a technology-enabled, risk-based approach by:

  • Reducing controversy
  • Limiting double taxation
  • Increasing the likelihood of favourable outcomes when controversies arise
  • Aligning tax goals with business objectives
  • Reducing the amount of time that corporate resources need to spend on transfer pricing.

Furthermore, our team of experienced professionals has extensive experience in dealing with Country-by-Country Reporting obligations and can help you navigate through the complexities these entail.

Connect with us today to understand how our team can support your business.