The global private equity sector is constantly facing new demands and evolving challenges. Although the post-pandemic recovery has been slow to materialise for some sectors, the private equity sector has proven to be robust, with investors continuing to allocate to the asset class. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to seismic shifts in trends, pushing human capital, ESG and digital transformation higher up the agenda than they have ever been. General partners now need to work harder and smarter in these key areas in order to add value to their portfolio companies. This will require better operational understanding of targets pre-acquisition and more value enhancing intervention during ownership. In turn, general partners need to be supported by best-in-class advisers who truly understand these issues.

KPMG was the first accountancy organisation to have a dedicated multi-disciplinary private equity group. Our professionals, leveraging global expertise from other areas of the firm, are ideally placed to help general partners address the challenges in the current market and ultimately add value and transparency for investors.

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