Our approach

Our team of tax professionals can provide meaningful advice on economic substance matters and considerations for organisations. We can help organisations manage the complexities of the economic substance rules and regulations across the Crown Dependencies.

Our team’s experience and innovative use of KPMG’s methodology and tools, tailored to the Crown Dependencies, combine to provide insight into your requirements and identify deficiencies that could impact your reputation and credibility.

How we can support you

KPMG in the Crown Dependencies can help a business manage complex economic substance matters, including:

  • Impact analysis: Identify the extent to which the rules may impact on your business.
  • Diagnostic reviews: Gap analysis and advice on the requirements to ensure compliance.
  • Training sessions: Tailored training sessions for all levels of staff within your organisation.
  • Policies and procedures: Assistance with delineating the right policies and procedures for your organisation.
  • Reporting: Assistance with economic substance reporting through the corporate tax return process, at any scale.

Connect with us today to understand how our team can support your business.