With the introduction of new, enhanced and rapidly changing technological processes, organisations have become more productive and agile. As you transform and mature your security capabilities to support these new processes, consider, how you can turn risk into opportunity so that technology-backed solutions like cloud technology, big-data analytics, mobile, and social applications can be used with full confidence.

At KPMG, we view cyber security as inseparable from business and technology transformation. We know that applying the same rigor and approaches to introducing new or enhanced processes, enabling technologies and organisation alignment, can create successful platforms to help reach an organisation's cyber security goals.

Our teams help you build and improve your programs and processes, supported by the right strategy and technology, to improve your information protection agenda.

KPMG’s Cyber Security Services practice can deliver large-scale transformation programs through global service and methodology / tool alignment.

Cyber security is more than a technology problem—it is a holistic one. We can help you transform and stay secure.

Solutions that can help with security transformation include:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security Services