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Transfer Pricing in a context

Namely driven by the global political debate on corporate taxes due to the challenges facing tax authorities in a globalised economy, transfer pricing continues to be a top focus area for tax authorities and multinational enterprises around the world.

Many countries have introduced ever more stringent transfer pricing regulation, including significant penalties for non-compliance, supported by OECD guidance and policy papers. This, combined with the increasing number of audits and disputes both with and between tax authorities, makes it more important than ever that multinational enterprises are diligent in determining their transfer pricing policies, and are able to document that all controlled transactions are conducted in accordance with the arm's length principle.

How can we assist you?

Operational transfer pricing

  • Assistance with bridging the gap between transfer pricing policies, enterprise resource planning ("ERP") solutions, financial statements and tax returns, development of efficient governance frameworks supporting the processes needed for successful implementation of applied transfer pricing set-ups/policies. 

Dispute resolution

  • Tax authorities worldwide continue to increase their scrutiny of transfer pricing. We can assist in resolving transfer pricing disputes through various services and approaches, including assistance with advance pricing agreements, competent authority negotiations, arbitration and litigation support.

Value chain management

Integrating tax planning into business operations to help maximise growth opportunities, minimise expenses and risks, enhance return on investments and drive efficiencies across operations. Read more.

Compliance and (global) documentation

  • Assistance with managing risks within the current environment of detailed transfer pricing regulations, strict documentation requirements, sophisticated audit practices and significant penalties for non-compliance supported by our global transfer pricing network.


  • Assistance with developing transfer pricing policies that support your financial position and business and with executing sustainable and forward-looking tax planning supporting our clients as business and market conditions change.

Why choose us?

Our transfer pricing specialists are part of an efficient and top-quality international network enabling us to deliver tailored and value-enhancing strategies that are workable and operative while providing support for initiating and implementing commercial decisions.

We are acknowledged for mastering global challenges, being innovative, forward-thinking and client centric with quality and timely delivery in focus. We focus on understanding our clients in every corner of their business so that we can turn knowledge and planning into value.