Value chain analysis in a context

Value Chain Management involves an in-depth assessment of value drivers in an industry or organisation and has many different commercial applications. Traditionally, Value Chain Management has been applied by strategic functions within an organisation with the aim of identifying and developing competitive advantage.

Once a business understands its source of value creation, it can make informed choices on how and where to grow, manage vertical and horizontal integration, identify the optimal distribution channels and push cost optimisation.

How can we assist you?

Operating model

  • Mapping and adjusting trading flows to optimise indirect tax
  • Supporting global direct and indirect tax compliance
  • Analysing your corporate tax and transfer pricing and documenting evidence
  • Drafting agreements and setting up new corporate structures
  • Providing employment tax advice on international assignees, cross-border posting and helping to integrate your new workforce.


  • Evaluating the tax impact of any transitional arrangements and local procurement support teams
  • Rewarding successful procurement, particularly by having transfer pricing policies that ensure that the value added by the procurement function is robustly supported
  • Helping to map out transaction flows and cash flow opportunities relating to indirect tax
  • Streamlining customs processes to potentially decrease border delays and costs.

Risk review

  • Our team can perform a compliance review of your current structures to determine whether they would able to withstand scrutiny from the tax authorities
  • We can also advise on ways to reduce your tax risk by increasing compliance and reviewing the transfer pricing arrangements, establishing advanced pricing agreements (APAs) and, if necessary, restructuring the arrangements.

Intellectual property

  • Identifying and mapping your IP footprint across the group
  • Assessing where to create, own and manage your IP and understanding which tax incentives may be available globally
  • Assessing how to tax-efficiently migrate IP assets between locations to fit your business needs, including valuing and pricing the reward due to your IP assets.
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Why choose us?

Our Value Chain Management team can provide answers to prominent strategic questions, including:

  • What is core and non-core in a value chain?
  • Which parts of the business deliver value for money?
  • What is the distribution of profits and cash flow across the various stages of the value chain?

Operating as a team, we help clients to develop a tax strategy to suit their evolving, international organisational structures. Our support is designed to reach every part of your operations, going beyond tax to include immigration law, contract changes, accounting, systems and change management.

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