Henrik Lund

Partner, Transfer Pricing


Henrik Lund is international tax and transfer pricing partner. He is responsible for providing transfer pricing and international tax services to a wide range of the largest Danish and international multinationals with global operations. Given the Danish tax authorities' intense focus on transfer pricing, and substantial adjustments imposed on multinationals, Henrik invented KPMG Denmark's transfer pricing audit task force in 2007, which has been focusing on assisting clients in dispute management and resolution, controversy and strategic handling of processes connected with international tax and transfer pricing audits.

Henrik's client relationships focuses on multinationals with operations in Denmark across various global industries focusing on; value chain and planning analyses, and global transfer pricing dispute management and controversy, including MAP’s, APA’s and litigation. Henrik has extensive experience assisting several Danish and foreign multinationals within the Shipping, Transportation and Logistics industry.

Furthermore, Henrik’s client relationships focuses on multinationals across various global industries including Technology, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals and Plastics, Energy and Natural Resources and Industrial Manufacturing. Finally, Henrik is recognized in the “Guide to the World’s Leading Transfer Pricing Advisers” as one of the few leading Danish transfer pricing specialists. He features as a lecturer and speaker on numerous tax and transfer pricing conferences and seminars in Denmark and abroad, and he has established a separate transfer pricing module as part of a Master in Tax education at the Copenhagen Business School.

  • MSc in Commercial Law and Business Administration and Economics (cand.merc.jur)

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