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Financial Services Tax in a context

Capital markets, insurance companies, pension providers, investment managers and retail banks as well as their clients are subject to taxes and reporting obligations that do not only affect, but sometimes even define, the business. Managing both risks and opportunities requires a thorough insight into the business.



How can we assist you?

Our team covers every aspect from investing to reporting for all types of financial entities and their clients. We will gladly discuss the tax aspects of any issue that you, your company or your clients are facing.

Due diligence on acquisitions and investments

  • Disclosing tax liabilities are a vital part of matching expectations and ultimately the price. We know the challenges of each side and can close the gaps in every due diligence process.

Acquisition and structuring

  • Different tax payers are taxed differently and, therefore, have different requirements as regards structure. We can assist with structures that meet the requirements of most tax payers.

Binding rulings and negotiations with the tax authorities

  • Due to our objective and fact-based approach, we are recognised as competent and proficient team players with the Danish tax authorities and, therefore, our arguments and conclusions are taken seriously.

Tax planning

  • Tax is an expense in line with other expenses and should be planned accordingly.

Why choose us?

On every assignment, our clients can benefit from the vast experience that is second to none on the Danish market as well as in KPMG International's global Network of member firms. Having gathered highly experienced people in the financial tax services in one firm has put us in a position which enables us to approach every client and every question efficiently and proactively.

The balancing of tax risks and business opportunities is the key to tax advice and, therefore, a priority in every customer relationship.