Jan Richter, Partner, Advisory, explains how he not only increases efficiency in the short term, but also creates long-term resilience - through innovation, technology and strategic thinking.


Three questions for Jan

What motivates you every day?

Jan Richter: I am fascinated by the variety of topics that I get to deal with in my work. I particularly enjoy the complex issues my clients face and working with different personalities on projects. I find that incredibly enjoyable.

"If it becomes different, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be better. But if things are to get better, they have to be different."

Jan Richter
Jan Richter

What does transformation mean to you?

Jan Richter: Resilience is not a contradiction to short-term performance enhancement. And digitalisation contributes to both.

How do you make the difference?

Jan Richter: I am approachable, listen attentively and am a good team player. I'm also a fan of flat hierarchies in my own team.

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