Sustained growth and a sustainable and profitable increase in performance demand a continuous review of your own business model. According to the KPMG CEO Outlook, 65 percent of CEOs believe that success and growth also depend on challenging and breaking through established business models and customary market mechanisms.

Agile action is pivotal: those too slow to act will lose out.

Positioning yourself for the new normal – the right way

This is a particular challenge, especially in present times. In addition to existing factors such as digitalisation, innovation and cost/margin pressures, the effects of the new reality are now being added. 

“This situation demands a transformation of your performance. A crisis-proof foundation with cost-optimised structures and efficient operating processes is fundamental. In this way, financial leeway for essential investments remains, even in future crises.

A holistic analysis of the organisation

With our performance transformation programme, you create an ideal combination of cost and cash optimisation and growth. For this purpose, we consider the enterprise holistically in respect of the following three steps:


Objective: identify and realise cost-saving potential

A rapid assessment involving benchmarking and evaluating potential will reveal potential top-down and provide specific measures for realisation bottom-up.


Objective: define a new target for the "new normal" for the business and operating model

The future target is broken down into specific individual measures for organisation, processes, digitalisation, and HR.


Objective: implement the defined target and realise the identified cost-saving and growth potential

Efficient implementation management ensures that measures are put into action quickly and effectively.

Our method for your successful performance transformation

Our performance transformation programme is based on your corporate value and considers all business divisions, e.g.:

  • Cash & liquidity: Working capital optimisation
  • Finance: Demand management; service level reduction
  • HR: Flexible/KPI-driven staff structure and personnel measures
  • Legal & compliance: Optimisation of legal entities, optimisation of contract management
  • IT: Rationalisation of business demands, creation of scalable platforms
  • Procurement: Renegotiation and expense reduction
  • Production & logistics: Optimisation of COGS and reorganisation of supply chains
  • Marketing & sales: Setup of customer-oriented business models and intelligent marketing mechanisms

Needless to say, cross-functional matters will also be considered:

  • Optimisation of global/regional footprint
  • Increasing the degree of automation across all functions (e.g. through new technologies)
  • Optimisation of shared services
  • Using new technologies for more focused forecast/scenario planning

Drawing on our extensive experience, we can support your enterprise on the way to your new normal. Our performance transformation programme helps you to reach the next level. The right way. Get in touch.

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