Andreas Bong, Partner at KPMG Law*, explains how he transforms legal departments.


Three questions for Andreas

What motivates you every day?

Andreas Bong: I am driven by the realisation that we should constantly evolve and that the way we work today is not enough to meet the demands of tomorrow. That's why I want to completely rethink law.

"Thinking about law differently - that fascinates me."

Andreas Bong
Andreas Bong

What does transformation mean to you?

Andreas Bong: Transformation is the awareness that the way we work today may not be the way we work in the future. Transformation is therefore never over.

How do you make the difference?

Andreas Bong: As a non-lawyer, I always look at legal departments from a fundamentally different perspective and ask myself how conventional thinking can be overcome. Accompanying this transformation, thinking about law differently - that fascinates me.

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