Matin Jouzdani

Director, Data and Analytics

KPMG Lower Gulf

Matin heads the Data and Analytics practice at KPMG Lower Gulf, leading consulting and implementation engagements across a wide range of industries. His expertise includes customer analytics, big data, information management and the Internet of things. Combining his skills and experience, Matin assists organisations to shape objectives and develop capabilities supported by data in order to generate competitive advantage. Matin’s experience, ranging from analytics strategy engagements to implementing innovative digital solutions powered by analytics, provides clients with insights and guidance into complex and cutting-edge industry developments.

Areas of expertise

Analytics capabilities     Big data technology     Data and Analytics     Data center Strategy     Data management     Data privacy     IT management     IT infrastructure     information management     Tech     Innovation     data     big data     data science     data analytics     business analytics     raw data     data model     advanced analytics     advanced data analytics     advanced business analytics     advanced data science     big data advanced analytics     artificial intelligence     ai     ai technology     artificial general intelligence     artificial intelligence future     deep learning ai     ai and machine learning     artificial intelligence companies     artificial intelligence robot

  • Analytics capabilities
  • Big data technology
  • Data and Analytics
  • Data center strategy
  • Data management
  • Data privacy
  • IT Management
  • IT infrastructure
  • Information management
  • Tech Innovation
  • BSc Pure Mathematics, Imperial College London