The power of analytics for better investment decisions

Increased economic uncertainty, radical changes in business operations and challenges in making sense of past data have made investment decision-making more complicated than ever.

Our Investment Analytics service offering brings together our expertise in valuations with a tech-enabled product to provide you with the maximum level of insight to support your investment decisions.

We can help you across the entire transaction process, refining our models to take account of increased access to information as you move closer to acquisition and we identify new risk areas through the due diligence process.

We can also provide you with post-acquisition support with our Portfolio Valuations dashboard. This allows you to monitor the value of a portfolio of assets, across a full spectrum of asset classes, with the ability to easily run several sensitivity and scenario analyses to better understand the value risks to your portfolio.

Our Investment Analytics products offer full user-adjustability to support both internal and external reporting requirements.

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Our capability

Investment Analytics and Modelling brings together our expertise in Valuations with experienced modelling professionals to offer you comprehensive support with your investment decisions. We can help you with stimulating financial viability in real-time using our proprietary benchmarking data.

The integrated dashboard allows you to test the impact of movements in key value drivers and presents operational and financial indicators in a presentable format for reporting purposes. 

Support throughout all deal cycle

We are able to support you throughout the deal cycle and can increase the complexity and capabilities of our models as needed.


Our service rapidly assesses an investment opportunity, maximising the use of limited data with simplified assumptions. It also combines benchmarking with industry and comparable deal experience.


We are able to utilise company data and industry benchmarking to create insights into key value drivers, risks and returns.


The service is designed to protect value and satisfy internal and external financial reporting requirements. It makes efficient capital allocation decisions based on comprehensive analyses.

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