Increased economic uncertainty, market volatility and heightened stakeholders’ scrutiny have added a layer of complexity into the transaction and transformation cycle. Assessing the impact of different value drivers is more complicated than ever.

Our Investment Analytics service distils market information, data, experience, and deep sector insights into a dynamic valuation output that streamlines the decision-making process for key stakeholders and allows real-time assessment of different strategic decisions and scenarios.

We will work closely with your team to:

  • Understand the key, value-moving inputs within your decision-making process and how they impact value.
  • Answer ‘what-if’ questions around your strategy, deal structure and overall operational processes.
  • Highlight any challenges in your approach, working through options and solutions to determine the most beneficial outcomes.
  • Consider and monitor the impact of strategies and decisions to enhance outcomes.

We provide support throughout your deal and transformation cycle.

Support throughout the deal cycle

Our team can support you across the entire transaction, refining our models and adapting the level of complexity as required.


We can rapidly assess an investment opportunity, maximising the use of limited data with simplified assumptions, benchmarking against industry and comparable deal experience.


We use company data and industry benchmarking to create insights into key value drivers, risks and returns, while overlaying and stressing relevant due diligence findings.


We help you protect value, monitor and manage deviations, mitigate risks, satisfy financial reporting requirements post-deal, enabling efficient capital allocation decisions.

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Strategic insights to support your transformation journey

Our tailored tools and dashboards aim to provide insight when transforming your business model and monitoring it over time, whether you manage a portfolio of assets (Private Equity) or a stand-alone business (Corporate).

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