Valuations in a complex business environment

In almost every commercial dispute, it is the valuation of certain assets – or the value of the business itself – that is often the greatest point of contention between parties. As a result, many organisations are now seeking robust and well-reasoned valuation analysis by independent specialists for potential or pending disputes.

Operating in multiple legal jurisdictions, gaining access to economies at different stages of development and understanding cultural differences are all adding complexity to the business agenda. Along with this, the business environment is becoming more litigious, and investors are increasingly seeking growth through joint ventures and partnerships; the drafting and subsequent interpretation of valuation clauses remains a key area of contention and subjectivity.

To navigate this complex environment, we bring an in-depth understanding of commercial disputes and litigation advice to deliver reliable valuation opinions. We have extensive experience in producing well-reasoned valuation analysis and real-world deal advice.

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Our valuations services

We bring expertise from across different sectors and geographies in order to deliver expert valuation opinions for our clients. The key areas we can assist throughout the dispute and litigation process are:

Independent expert determinations

When acting as the expert, we have a tried and tested process that is both fair and transparent. Our well-defined and analytical approach reduces the likelihood of the opinion being challenged, providing closure to both parties.

Expert witness services

We have extensive experience of providing expert witness evidence across a range of dispute resolution processes as well as advising boards, investors and other stakeholders on pricing and valuation. We offer a combination of technical forensic accounting and valuation expertise and real-world deal experience.

Expert advisory services

We also perform an advisory role, ranging from assistance with the drafting of valuation clauses in shareholder agreements to the selection of experts and preparation of submissions. Our time-tested process helps outline the scope and nature of the appointed expert’s role with deep sector expertise.

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